Equipping churches to make disciples

TFBA provides general support and specialized tools for Congregational Clusters and local churches: 

        Leadership development/coaching

        Gospel conversations training

        Transitional ministry planning

        Mission readiness

        Congregational consulting

TFBA's ministry team stands ready to come alongside of you and serve your church! We are a strategic resource for meeting the specific needs of your congregation and community context. 

Resource of the Quarter

“Flickering Lamps: Christ and His Church,” by Henry and Richard Blackaby 


“With approximately 70% of our churches plateaued or in decline, the revitalization of the church has become an essential focus. Henry and Richard Blackaby call upon churches to exercise faith, to live in the counsel of God’s Word, and to reach beyond what they can do for themselves to trust God for the extraordinary. This volume is based upon Scripture and is filled with wonderful personal stories of God at work to revitalize His church.” 

-J. Robert White, executive director, Georgia Baptist Convention 

Join us online as we go through this resource this quarter. Thursdays, April 15, May 6, and June 10, at 5:30pm. You can order the book at Amazon.com or through Cornerstone Books and Gifts. Email office@3forksassoc.org to register or you can CLICK HERE to register and you'll be emailed the Zoom link. 

Semi-Annual Meeting Training Sessions 

There will be one training session prior to this year's Semi-Annual meeting, and two training sessions after the meeting. 

The first training will be What is a Baptist Association, and will be led by Wesley Smith

The sessions after the meeting will be 

1. The 7 Most Important Online Channels for Churches and

2. Live Streaming 2.0: Creating Real Relationships with Live Streaming

Click on the session name to register for each session. 


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