Equipping churches to make disciples

TFBA provides general support and specialized tools for Congregational Clusters and local churches: 

        Leadership development/coaching

        Gospel conversations training

        Transitional ministry planning

        Mission readiness

        Congregational consulting

TFBA's ministry team stands ready to come alongside of you and serve your church! We are a strategic resource for meeting the specific needs of your congregation and community context. 

How are you making disciples in your personal life? Is your church seeing new believers baptized? Would like to learn how to be a better disciple maker? 


The NCBSC Disciple Making Conference has been a great and effective way to encourage and grow disciple making in your personal life and the life of your church. With two main session speakers, and multiple breakout sessions on many topics, disciple making related, attendees will learn, grow and get pumped up about making disciples! 


Register for this year's conference, February 23-24, 2021, at Friendly Ave. Baptist Church in Greensboro, or participate in the Main Sessions online. All breakout sessions are virtual. 




513 Jefferson Rd.

Boone, NC 28607


PH: 828.264.4482


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