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Executive Council Meeting June 23, 2020

The Executive Council of the Three Forks Baptist Association met on June 23, 2020. Those in attendance were Seth Norris, Darrell Hobbs, David Cooper, Charlie Martin, Jennifer Waldorf, Travis Suits, Chuck Campbell, Nancy Walker, Ben Bolick, Pat Dalton, and Dianne Brown.


The meeting began with a review of the results of the meetings the Executive Council had held with Scott Ball last January-March.  At these meetings it was determined that the focus of Association would be a three-fold plan of mobilizing, maximizing, and multiplying churches, measures of success for each of these steps were developed and we drafted a vision statement of  “We dream of igniting a movement of churches that are unified in impacting the High Country for the Kingdom”. The goal is for the Association to provide a platform for the churches to accomplish those three things in unity.


Subsequent to this review, the question of hiring a Director of Missions was raised.  At this point the Council discussed the merits of hiring a director to establish a vision versus hiring a director to implement an already established vision.  Alongside this discussion was a discussion of whether or not the plan developed by the Executive Council was flexible enough to meet changing church and association needs, and to respond to events in the world around us.


After discussion a consensus was reached that the framework of Mobilization, Maximization, and Multiplication did not need to be a rigid framework to which the Association must adhere and do nothing else.  Instead, this would be a primary focus of the Association, and Associational activities and events would be undertaken after carefully considering whether or not they diverted time and resources away from these three primary goals.


A consensus was also reached that the person hired to be the next DOM would need to be someone who could get behind this vision for the Association.  They would need to have gifts and passions which aligned with the vision laid out in this plan, and hopefully would have experience with mobilizing churches, church revitalization, and church planting.


A date of next meeting was set for Tuesday, July 7 at 5:00 pm.  At this meeting, the council will discuss potential names for a search team for the next Director of Missions.

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