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Associational Office Damage

On June 21, 2019 a tree fell on the roof of the Associational Office Building, causing damage both to the roof and to the ceiling of the large conference room. The tree has been removed from the roof, but there is still a large portion of the tree down in the back of the building. In addition, there is still a great deal of brush and debris in the parking lot of the Association.  If you are able to help remove this debris, please contact the Association office. 

If you or someone you know is in need of firewood, please feel free to come take the wood from the back of the office. Be adivsed, there is poison ivy on the tree, so do take precautions. 

We are currently waiting on the insurance company to advise us how much they will cover for repairs. We will then get estimates to repair both the roof and the ceiling. 


The tree on the office building.


Damage to three trees in the back of the office.


Roof damage


Stairs in back of the office


Roof Damage


Conference Room ceiling damage

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