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CAMPUS MINISTRY COLLABORATIVE is made up of like minded churches and para-church ministries in Watauga County who are working together to reach the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and connect them with a local church.

Find a church! Message us if you have questions. 

Click on links below for more info! 

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Howards Creek, Boone
High School

Mount Calvary, Banner Elk
High School and College Ministry

Mount Vernon, Boone
High School, College Ministry

High School, College Ministry (App State and Lees McRae)

Other Churches in Watauga Co.

Alliance Bible Fellowship
High School, College Ministry

Antioch Community Church 
College Ministry

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Antioch Church Boone.png

Para-Church Organizations

AIM- Appalachian International Ministry
Connecting and reaching international students at ASU. Contact Jessica Lup- 


CRU- Campus Crusade for Christ
Cru is a caring community, passionate about connecting students and faculty to Christ.

ASU Campus Ministry


FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Watauga High School, App State, and Lees McRae College. For more information, contact T.S. Noble, 774-267-9344,

If your church has a campus ministry or supports a campus ministry not on this page, please let us know. 

We would also love to add any additional information that would like for us to share about your ministry. 

If your church would like to start a campus ministry, we have lots of great resources to help you!

Can we contact you.jpg
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