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College Mission Fund

The College Mission Fund Application process is closed for 2023. We will reopen the process in July of 2024! 

In 2019 the Three Forks Baptist Association began offering grant money to churches who wanted to missionally engage college campuses in our area.  Grants have been awarded to churches interested in reaching students at colleges and universities in the High Country every year since, even when COVID was in full swing.  Last year, we received applications from and awarded grants to Perkinsville, Greenway, Meat Camp, and Bethel.


It is, once again, time to start thinking about back to school and how to engage our college campuses. The past couple of years have presented some unprecedented challenges for reaching students on campus. Some of the traditional ways our churches have interacted with students have been more difficult, and changes in the ways we engage have had to be made. While in some respects this year’s “return to normal” has been a good thing, we also need to challenge ourselves to realize that "the new normal” means that the number of college students with a religious affiliation of “none” has tripled in the last 30 years, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. Because of this, we would like to see our churches more actively engaged on campus than ever before, to ensure that normal does not mean unengaged or unreached. 


In order to help our churches to return to campus, grants from the Collegiate Missions Fund will once again be made available for local churches that are affiliated with the Three Forks Baptist Association. Applications for grants from the fund may be made from July 1 until August 1 to the association’s Finance Team. Churches may submit an application for only one project in any given year, with the application ranging between $500 and $2,000. Notification of awards will be made by August 15.


Please see the guidelines below to help you determine what types of projects will be funded, and note that the Finance Team award grants only to projects that further the cause of Christ on college campuses within the High Country. To receive an application, please contact the associational office or follow the link on our website at


The Collegiate Missions Fund will be a valuable resource for mobilizing our churches to engage lostness and make disciples across the High Country. I hope you’ll take advantage of it! We look forward to serving you in advancing the Kingdom!

CAMPUS MINISTRY COLLABORATIVE is made up of like minded churches and para-church ministries in Watauga County who are working together to reach the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and connect them with a local church.

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