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Blessing Boxes

For many years the Three Forks Baptist Association has been involved in hunger ministry through the Christian Outreach Center at First Baptist Boone. Beginning April 1 the Christian Outreach Center ceased to be a ministry of TFBA and became a ministry of First Baptist Church of Boone. We are pleased to see all the wonderful ways in which God is blessing those in need in our community through the Christian Outreach Center. But there is still more that needs to be done to combat hunger in our local area. 

One of the ways communities are helping the food insecure is through a Little Free Pantry, or Blessing Box. The concept of a Little Free Pantry is simple. An organization places a box on their property and keeps it filled with non-perishable food. Anyone in need is free to access the food at any time, and anyone who feels led to donate food to the Blessing Box may also do so at any time. 

Oak Grove was, to our knowledge, the first of our Association churches to implement a Blessing Box. They, along with a representative from the Little Free Pantry located on Poplar Grove extension, came to a meeting at the Association on May 6 to talk about their experiences with this type of pantry and to encourage other churches to implement some type of hunger ministry at their church. If you are interested in learning more about Blessing Boxes, please check out the Power Point below, or call the Association office to have someone come speak to your church about this great way to help the food insecure in our community. 

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