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Resources to learn more about the Crucifixion and the Resurrection

Bible Project Video - Luke 19-23
Bible Project Video - Luke 24

The Story of Jesus' Death and Resurrection

Jesus was the extraordinary man sent to save mankind, but it took more than an extraordinary man, it also took an extraordinary event. 

There are consequences when a child disregards the instructions of a parent who is trying to keep them safe or teach them the way they should conduct themselves in the world. Sometimes the child is corrected with further instruction and discipline. Sometimes there are severe consequences, such as when a child ignores an instruction not to touch the hot stove. 

There are also consequences when mankind chose to ignore God's instructions. The consequences, however, were much more severe. The entire world was changed due to the disregard of God's rules. An extraordinary act of sacrifice would be required to mend the broken relationships caused by all the sin in the world. 

Jesus, God, was the only one who could mend this relationship. The damage was too great for mankind to do it on his own. Jesus was a perfect man, who never broke any of God's rules; he never sinned. That meant He was the only one qualified to make the sacrifice needed to fix all of the brokenness. 

Jesus allowed Himself to be killed by the brutal and painful process of crucifixion. It was an inhumane death, that He could have stopped at any time. He chose not to, because it was the only way for Him to restore that broken relationship with us. 

If the story ended here, it would be unbearable. The sacrifice would be made, the price would be paid, but the relationship would still be severed by death. But the story does not end here. The most extraordinary act was yet to come. Jesus was dead, and He was buried in a tomb. But He did not stay there. Three days after His death, He came back to life. We ARE able to have a relationship with Him, because He IS alive!!

Christ of Saint John of the Cross - Salvador Dali

The Resurrection - Peter Adams

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