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Tell The Story

Followers of Christ have been commanded by Christ to Tell the Story. They are to tell the story of how He came to Earth, lived a life completely devoted to God, died as a sacrifice to pay the price for everything we have done wrong, and came back to life so that we can have a relationship with Him. Sometimes people think you have to change your entire life, and go live in a developing nation in order to fulfill this command to Tell the Story. God does call some people to do that, but more often God calls us to tell the story right where we are. No matter who you are, you can tell someone about the relationship you have with Christ. 

If you wish to have a relationship with Christ, but are unsure how to do so, please call the Association office at 828-264-4482.  We would love to connect you with someone who can speak with you and tell you how to have this relationship for yourself.  

Resources to learn more about telling the story. 

Christ of Saint John of the Cross - Salvador Dali

The Resurrection - Peter Adams

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