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Executive Board 

Three Forks Baptist Association has called an Executive Board meeting for Monday, August 20 at 7:00 pm. This meeting will take place at the Association Office.

Per the current bylaws of the Association, each church is allowed to send two messengers to the meeting, in addition to any ex officio messengers from their church. Ex officio messengers would be anyone serving in a leadership position of the Association.

"SECTION 2.  The Association in Executive Committee Meetings

(a)          The Associational Executive Committee shall be composed of two lay members elected by each cooperating church and the pastor of such churches who will serve as messengers to the Executive Committee.  Unless elected by their church as messengers, the elected officers of the Association (See ARTICLE IV, SECTION 1 of the By-laws), Leadership Team Members (See and ARTICLE V, SECTION 1 of the Bylaws) and the elected committee members of the Association (See ARTICLE VI, SECTION 2 of the Bylaws), shall be ex officio messengers to the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall act as the Association between the Semi-Annual Meetings.  Churches are requested to elect their lay members and to include their names and addresses in the associational letter.

(b)          The Executive Committee shall be scheduled to meet twice annually in February and August.  A reminder of scheduled meetings shall be mailed or otherwise given to all members of the committee at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled meetings.  If needed, additional Executive Committee Meetings may be called by the Executive Committee and/or the Moderator.  Notice of additional meetings should go to all churches at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.

(c)          Twenty (20) messengers of this committee shall constitute a quorum to transact Executive Committee business."


The main agenda item for this meeting will be to discuss the budget for the upcoming year, as well as hear from the nominating committee regarding position appointments for 2019.

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