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Executive Council Meeting - July 28, 2020

The Executive Council of the Three Forks Baptist Association met on July 28, 2020. Those in attendance were Seth Norris, Darrell Hobbs, Chuck Campbell, Charlie Martin, David Cooper, Dianne Brown, Pat Dalton, Jennifer Waldorf, Ben Bolick and Nancy Williams.


Search Committee: All potential candidates for a search team have been contacted and five persons have said they would be willing to serve on this team.  The proposed DOM/EAM search team consisted of: Lottie Oliver of Union, Bud Russell of Mt. Vernon, Pat Dalton of Poplar Grove, David Cooper of South Fork, and Ben Bolick of Three Forks. The Executive Committee will need to also find two potential alternates to serve on the search team. Charlie Martin moved that this slate of candidates be installed as the search team. This motion was seconded by Chuck Campbell and passed by a voice vote.


Interim DOM: Seth Norris presented two potential candidates for an interim DOM. Seth has spoken with one potential candidate and feels him to be a strong administrator who would be good at helping us through the difficulties the association is facing at this time. The Executive Council feels that we need someone to unify the churches of the Association, and to contact all of the churches and reconnect with the pastors. As a next step, Jennifer Waldorf and Chuck Campbell will contact this candidate to get to know him better and discuss the specifics of the position in more detail.  The finance team will be contacted to determine what can be offered as a salary package.  Nancy Williams will check on a potential apartment for the candidate and his wife to use while they are here. It is hoped that, if the Executive Council determines him to be a good fit for the association, that he will be able to start as soon as possible for a term of no less than six months, and possibly more than a year.


Semi-Annual Meeting: The Executive Council will soon need to make some decisions regarding the logistics of the Semi-annual meeting during the pandemic.  As the spring meeting was cancelled, it is important to hold a fall meeting this year.  In addition, there are items which need to be voted on, such as the budget and some by-laws changes, and some information regarding the results of the Strategic Envisioning process, the search team, and an interim DOM which needs to be passed along to the churches.  Executive Council members were encouraged to begin thinking about what a virtual alternative to a semi-annual meeting might look like.

Transitions for Women in Recovery: Jennifer had taken a call recently from Kate Jones of Transitions for Women in Recovery.  They would like to use the Association office building for weekly meetings, but find the current rental fee cost prohibitive for their organization.  Jennifer asked if the rental fee of $10 per hour could be reduced for this organization.  The Executive Council members agreed that this organization is Biblically based and determined that they would waive the rental fee for this group.  Jennifer will contact Kate Jones and let her know of the Council’s decision.


Budget: Darrell Hobbs presented the proposed 2021 budget for the Finance Team. Darrell called attention to the fact that $13,470.00 was carried over from savings of the previous year to cover an anticipated shortfall in income next year, due to the fact that giving to the association is down at this time. He stated that we are blessed to have this amount of savings built up that we can carry over to cover expenses, but that the downside of that has been not having a DOM.


The date of the next meeting will be August 11, 2020.

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