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February Malphurs Group Meeting

The second Strategic Envisioning Process meeting was held on Feb. 17, 2020 at the Three Forks Baptist Association.  The purpose of this meeting was to build a “Strategy Pathway” to guide the Association. A strategy pathway is the series of next steps we need to take in order to engage the churches in the Association, in order to help them to become the best version of themselves.


The three steps that churches in the Association will engage in correspond to the mission of the Association, mobilize, maximize and multiply.  Church mobilization will take the form of engagement in High Country Impact events and celebrations. Maximizing will take the form of church participation in Revitalization cohorts. Multiplying will involve participation in church planting partnerships. Every event and service of the Association was examined, to determine if it helped Association churches achieve these steps and was in line with the core values of the Association, which were identified in the last meeting.  If a program or service did not meet these steps, this was identified and options for this program or service were discussed.  Some ministries and events will need to be added or strengthened, in order to help churches progress through the steps.


The Executive Council then looked at what systems need to be in place to move churches between the steps.  If a church is involved in High Country Impact, how does the Association help it progress to involvement in a Revitalization Cohort? If it is involved in a cohort, how can the Association help the church progress to involvement in church planting? Systems were developed that would ensure that the Association is effectively guiding churches to the next step.


The next meeting will be held on March 9, and will answer the questions “Where are we going?” and “What will we focus on this year?”

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