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Nursing Home Gifts

Once again it's time for our annual Christmas gift-giving to the area rest homes or nursing homes. This past year has presented many unforeseen challenges, perhaps more so for these homes and their fragile residents. It is a blessing that we can help them with these simple needs during this time. Instructions are the same as previous years: Please place items in a gift bag with a Christmas card from your church, addressed to male or female. NOTE: No visitors admitted to the buildings at this time. Please check with your assigned nursing home for further instructions regarding delivery of gifts. 

Thank you so much for your dedication in this major gift-giving project. We will be touching 241 lives in our community and spreading the love of Jesus through your generosity. Please contact Dianne Brown at if you have any questions or concerns.  Have a blessed Christmas Season! 

Dianne Brown, 

WINGS Director

WINGS - Nursing Home Gifts - Deerfield R
WINGS - Nursing Home Gifts - Foley Cente
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WINGS - Nursing Home Gifts - Glenbridge
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