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Scotland Partnership Update


It is with great joy that I bring to you an update from the Scotland Mission Trip that was taken last month. From December 3 to December 10, a team of 12 congregational leaders from churches in western North   Carolina and eastern Tennessee ventured across the pond to connect with congregational leaders from churches across Scotland. The purpose of connecting with these congregational leaders was to develop a church planting partnership. At present that Avery Baptist Association is partnering with a network of Scottish churches to support a new church plant in the Highlands. During this trip, 3 important connections were made:


Connecting with the Field – Aviemore

The small Highland town of Aviemore has a population of approximately 5,000. Economically the area has a growing tourism industry and an expanding population. Sadly, while the town is growing the Church is not and there is a real need for new Biblically faithful and outward looking churches in Aviemore and the wider region. Our vision is to plant Hope Church Aviemore, a new healthy gospel-proclaiming church established and reaching out to people in and around Aviemore. A small planning group (which includes Garland) has been established and is seeking to raise funds to support Hope Church. During the trip, our team was able to connect firsthand with the town of Aviemore and much time “prayer driving” through the various            neighborhoods and districts of the town.


Connecting with the Planter – Kenny Rogan

Kenny Rogan, a young pastor originally from the Highlands, has answered the call to pastor Hope Church Aviemore. Kenny, his wife Lesley, and their 3 children currently live and serve in London at Tywnholm Baptist Church, where Kenny is the Assistant Pastor. During the trip, our team was able to connect with Kenny and hear his heart for reaching lostness and making disciples through Hope Church Aviemore. We hope to have Kenny cross the pond and visit our area later this spring!


Connecting with Church Planting Partners

Hope Church Aviemore would not be possible without the generous support of a number of partners,         including churches across Scotland. During our trip, our team was able to connect with many of these       partners, including leaders from the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, a network of            conservative, evangelical churches that is committed to revitalizing and planting churches across Scotland. Our team was also able to connect and even gather for worship with Charlotte Chapel Baptist Church in     Edinburgh a strong, gospel-centered church that is committed to supporting several church plants, including Hope Church Aviemore. We were especially grateful for the opportunity to connect with a number of        congregational leaders from the Highlands, during a special night of vision casting and prayer for Hope Church.


Our trip to Scotland was a great success! We are thankful to have made these strategic connections with our field, our church planter, and our church planting partners. Our team was also excited to return to our churches and share the vision for a new gospel work in the Highlands. If you would like to learn more about Hope Church Aviemore or would be interested in being part of this planting effort, reach out to me! I’d love to connect you with Kingdom work in Scotland!



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