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Did you know...

About three out of five fire deaths happen in homes without working smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are a key part of a home fire escape plan providing early warning to reduce your risk of dying in a fire. The National Fire Protection Association recommends you:

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside sleeping areas on the ceiling or high on the wall

  • Keep smoke alarms away from the kitchen, at least 10 feet from the stove, to reduce false alarms

  • Use special alarms with strobe lights and bed shakers for people who are hard of hearing or deaf

  • Test smoke alarms monthly

  • Replace batteries in your smoke alarm and  carbon monoxide detector annually

  • Replace smoke alarms that are 10 or more years old

*Info from National Safety Council. 

North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry is teaming up with local churches and the Watauga County Fire Marshals office to offer free smoke alarm inspections and installations. Referrals are being taken now. Installations will start in April of 2023. Please fill out the form below if you or someone you know needs a new smoke alarm. 

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